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Aine Meenaghan

"Aine Meenaghan is a performer of traditional song of exceptionally high standard."
—The Irish Times

Aine Meenaghan (pronounced "Awnya Meenahan") was born and raised in the heart of the Connemara Gaeltacht, or Irish Gaelic speaking area of western Ireland. Irish was her first language, and she began singing the traditional songs at an early age, learning from friends and relatives not only the repertoire but also the highly ornamented and expressive sean-nós, or old-style way of singing. Her first public performance came at the age of eight, then at age eleven she competed and took the first prize for singing in the prestigious Fleadh Ceol An Iathair, the yearly music gathering and competition on the west coast of Ireland.

This led to other performances and competitions, and finally at age seventeen Aine was invited to appear on Ireland's popular "Late Late Show" television program. Her performance there brought her to the attention of the whole country, and she was soon appearing on other radio and television programs, and was asked to make an album by one of Ireland's top recording companies. This project was never released, and Aine eventually left Ireland to work in England then America, began raising a family, and put her singing on the back burner.

A few years ago, Aine made a recording of some of her songs, which led to requests for performances, and she's found her singing much in demand ever since. She has appeared at some of this country's biggest Irish and Celtic music festivals, including Washington D.C.'s Wolftrap Festival, the Milwaukee Irish Festival, the City of Chicago Irish Music Festival, and others. She has performed with a number of great musicians, including Martin Hayes, Randal Bays, and John Williams, and she was the recipient of a grant from the Illinois Arts Council to teach sean-nós singing and Irish language in the Chicago area.