The Traditional Singers Club Presents:thSaraKieron_UrsyPotter_web_500
Sara Grey & Kieron Means
Workshop & Concert

Sunday, April 3rd, 2016
Workshop: 3pm ($15)
Concert: 7:30pm ($15)
at the home of Bob Walser and Julie Young in Minneapolis

The Traditional Singers Club’s first guest singer event for 2016 features Sara Grey and Kieron Means, a mother-son duo from New England / Scotland. Sara and Kieron will do both a workshop and concert at the home of Bob Walser and Julie Young in Minneapolis. The 3pm workshop will focus on songs that crossed the Atlantic from England, Scotland and Ireland to the US. Sara and Kieron will provide their unique perspectives as singers with decades of experience on both sides of the pond. The 7:30pm concert will open with songs from Singers Club resident singers and an impromptu song or two from the floor. Mark your calendars for this fantastic day of traditional song!

Sara Grey grew up in New Hampshire but she lived in Arkansas, North Carolina, Ohio, Montana, New York, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Scotland and England before returning to New England (recently) to make her home in Maine. As a youngster in North Carolina she first heard a lot of mountain music and her love for the old time banjo music and songs developed from this experience. She has carried this interest into her adult life studying folklore and collecting and performing music from the various areas in which she has lived. Before she moved to Scotland, Sara was part of “The Golden Ring” with people like Ed Trickett and Gordon Bok. Today, Sara sings unaccompanied and also backs herself on 5-string banjo.

Sara has been fascinated by the migration of songs from the British Isles to North America for most of her singing life. It was a song collecting trip to Scotland in 1970 that led to her move to the United Kingdom. For a period of over 30 years, she lived in Scotland and (briefly) England. She worked closely with other traditional singers from Scotland and Ireland to examine the movement of Celtic songs and their transformation.

Kieron Means is the son of his singing partner, Sara Grey, and noted music journalist Andrew Means. He was born in the United States, but grew up in the United Kingdom where he developed a love of the music of both traditions. Kieron sings and plays guitar in the duo.

Visit Sara and Kieron’s website here.


The Traditional Singers Club supports and encourages involvement and excellence in Irish and related singing traditions. We do this in part by providing a regular singing session in the Twin Cities for those who are interested in learning, performing, and sharing knowledge on unaccompanied traditional songs, which was seen as an unmet need when the club was founded.

We host a monthly singing session. We also host concerts and workshops by respected traditional singers. Past guests include Maighread Ní Dhomhnaill, Norman Kennedy, Len Graham, Rhiannon Giddens, Áine Meenaghan, and Dáithí Sproule. (see a full list here)

Traditional Singers Club concerts follow a format designed to showcase featured artists while also promoting local participation in traditional singing. Thus, a typical event will include performances by “resident” club singers as well as an impromptu song or two from selected “floor” singers.